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Aspect mobile cuts weeks of delay to a few minutes.

Report Results to Remote Clinics Rapidly, and Accurately

When information moves faster than a disease, everyone wins. Eliminate the delays of sending test results to remote clinics, and mitigate the loss of critical patient results. Aspect mobile fully automates delivery, receipt, and acknowledgment, telling you where your results are and when they have been received. The Aspect app delivers test results immediately from lab to clinic, extending the reach of laboratory diagnostic testing to the point-of-care.

As part of the SystemOne Aspect platform, the Aspect app gives access to a test result as it is available, using robust, custom infrastructure and proven data security, easily displayed on Android tablets or phones.

Real-World Example: Aspect mobile in Malawi

In Malawi, HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) data pilot delivered results automatically from central laboratories to rural clinics throughout the country. At the lab, the Abbott m2000 RealTime System is the key instrument for performing the tests. These devices were connected to the Aspect network to deliver test results and patient demographics to a secure in-country server.

Back at the referring clinic, the Aspect app downloaded these results and presented them to the clinic staff so they could take immediate action. Results were shown using a simple interface on the rechargeable tablets that were located where the clinic staff needed them. A similar interface is under development for Android phones.

In addition to rapidly moving results, Aspect can generate reports that show the distribution of test results, patient demographics, test volumes, and more – automatically. Through use of Reporter, the time-to-result in Malawi was limited only by sample transport speed to the central labs. The test results traveled back to the clinics in real time.

Aspect's mobile app has been shown to cut result turnaround time by 95% and offer significant improvements in accuracy and reduction of result losses in this landscape. Please contact us to learn more about our pilot in Malawi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What built-in features does Aspect mobile have?

Aspect mobile provides both visual and real-time reporting and alert components to help healthcare workers manage and act upon diagnostic results.

  • Icons reflecting the type of test run
  • Patient ID easily searchable
  • A figure icon indicating the action to be taken on the test result. The figure icon will be displayed in different colors, each with a different meaning and associated action
  • Automatic warnings indicated patients requiring follow up actions
  • Simple clinical response inputs – start date of treatment and specific regime initiated
  • Ability to report problems and comment on next steps
What types of actions can Aspect mobile generate?

Monthly performance reports can be generated through the app and distributed to supervisory managers throughout the health system, who can track the patients link to treatment in near real-time.

What devices/diseases is Aspect mobile used for?

As part of the SystemOne Aspect platform, Aspect mobile has the ability to receive information from multi-diseases and multi-devices connected to Aspect (GeneXpert, MGIT, Abbott m2000 and others) allowing diagnostic result tracking in real-time for TB, HIV, HCV, Ebola, Zika etc.

What other health systems and services does Aspect mobile connect to?

Aspect has been designed to operate with other health systems and services. Since the basic information coming into the Aspect app is real-time diagnostic results from the Aspect system, we’ve utilized a type of technology to push events from Aspect Reporter out to other systems based on the content. We currently have a webhook for e-TB Manager, DISA, Open MRS, and OpenLDR and have the ability to develop a webhook for any other health system integration.[PM1]

Can Aspect mobile work without wifi/internet?

An internet connection (wifi) or data on the affiliated smartphone housing the Aspect app will be required to receive the diagnostic results from the Aspect server.

Who owns the data that is collected through Aspect mobile?

Aspect and the Aspect app have been produced to operate as an in-country solution to support health programs and MoH to monitor and prevent the spread of diseases. Therefore, all data is owned by the country’s MoH. The country determines who and how data is shared; levels of permission are dictated by the MoH. Our Data Use Agreement (DUA) governs the disclosure, use, rights and obligations relating to that data. The MoH does not grant SystemOne use of the data if the recipient does not agree to this agreement. If consent is provided, the MoH grants the recipient exclusive right to use data stored or generated by Aspect platform subject to the terms and conditions in this agreement. Of note, the recipient must keep the data the MoH provides secure, confidential, use the data in a de-identified state, and not share the data with any third parties without the MoH’s prior written consent. Other details regarding the DUA may be shared on request.

What language options are available?

Any language can be supported by the Aspect app. Users can select a language on the login page or the user profile page. The platform is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Any further translations can be made possible by the development team.