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System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.
Used in 5,000+ lab settings
System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.
Secure & Accessible Data
System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.
Instant Results & Notifications
System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.
SMS & Web Accessible
Network Solutions and Communication Protocols

A Flexible and Comprehensive Tool

Our Solutions Span Every Network and Every Communication Protocol

Aspect integrates with diagnostic devices to bring test results to clinicians, partners, and program staff through a private and secure communications network and extremely flexible reporting mechanisms. Aspect transparently handles everything from communicating test results to monitoring instrument operations. Patients can even be alerted when results are available.

Better Management for Disease Diagnostics
Our operational dashboard allows you to manage devices, staff, inventory and site performance using accurate real time data

Automated Data Management

Better Disease Intelligence for Better Disease Management

Aspect connects lab devices to allow diagnostic result tracking for TB, HIV, HCV, SARS-CoV-2, Ebola, Zika and other diseases. The system automates and sends custom notifications for summary test results and trends, commodities management, error rates, utilization rates, and more. Notifications are sent via SMS or email, and automated reports are sent to multiple recipients on demand or on your schedule.

Designed for simple, rapid deployment, Aspect works with local systems and may be hosted on SystemOne's secure, reliable servers, or locally.

Modern Technology

Always Accessible

Modern Technology for Scalability and Integration

Aspect is optimized to communicate healthcare data in infrastructure-challenged and fully modernized settings. Every diagnostic device in a country can be connected via cellular data networks using smart 2G/3G routers for rapid and secure data transmission. Results and analyses are delivered to the healthcare team via internet, cellular data network, and SMS.

Aspect is disease and device agnostic, so you can add data streams to Aspect as they become available. For instance, if a new device is installed in a lab, or your program needs to add a disease stream for comparative purposes or co-infection monitoring, or if you want to add climate or agricultural data.

System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.

Manage Results Automatically

  • Deliver diagnostic results to clinician, supervisor, and ministry
  • Collect and protect patient data (age, sex, reason for test, etc.)
  • Link diagnosis to treatment through custom patient fields
System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.

Deliver Data + Analysis to Streamline Programs

  • Generate and deliver disease summary and diagnostic reports automatically
  • Integrate with national LIS, LIMS, DHS-2 to streamline data capture and use
  • Monitor quality and performance
System One - Disease Intelligence. At The Speed of Now.

Monitor Supplies + Device Performance

  • Monitor supplies and disposables by lab
  • Manage inventory stock and transfers between location
  • Analyze consumption rates by site
  • Forecast consumable needs
  • Record maintenance requests, service and repairs
  • Analyze utilization and errors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for an Aspect upgrade from GxAlert*?

Where a country is under contract, there is no charge.

What does Aspect provide?
  • Secure capture and transmission of test data directly from the diagnostic instrument to
    the Aspect server
  • Capture patient demographic data
  • Interface with a variety of instruments and assays, LIMS, and case management systems
  • Control access to individual test results, as well as aggregate results
  • Support for supply chain management through an automatic calculation of consumption rate for disposables
  • Automatic alerts via SMS and/or email triggered by clinical events (e.g. “send an SMS if there is a new positive result”) and/or operational events (e.g. “send an email if a device needs service”)
  • Monitor device warranty and calibration requirements and records
  • All data downloadable and exportable
What built-in visualizations does Aspect have?

Aspect provides both visual and real-time reporting and alert components to help national, regional and district-level coordinators manage the diagnostic device implementations and view:

  • Device reporting and days offline
  • Device error rates at each facility
  • Utilization rates of instruments, problematic modules causing errors and modules which have failed and are no longer in use
  • Service and Warranty requirements for individual instruments
  • Stock levels per facility, and consumption rates, to assist with planning, forecasting, and notifications before a facility runs out of stock
  • Warnings of excessive stock at a facility which is likely to expire before use (based on the utilization of that specific laboratory) to reduce cartridge waste
What devices/diseases does Aspect currently connect?

The first platform, GxAlert, focused on connecting Cepheid’s GeneXpert instrument to support tuberculosis and HIV programs. Aspect is disease and device agnostic, so it can connect any device (GeneXpert, MGIT, Molbio TrueLab, Abbott m2000 and others) and handle information from any disease allowing diagnostic result tracking in real-time for TB, HIV, HCV, Ebola, SARS-CoV-2, Zika etc.

What other health systems and services does Aspect connect to?

Aspect has been designed to operate with other health systems and services. Since the basic information coming into Aspect is real-time diagnostic results from diagnostic devices in the field, we’ve utilized a webhook technology to push events from Aspect out to other systems based on the content of the test result. We currently have a webhook for e-TB Manager, DISA, DHIS-2, Open MRS, and OpenLDR and have the ability to develop a webhook for any other health system integration.

What language options are available?

Any language can be supported by Aspect. Users can select a language on the login page or the user profile page. The platform is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Swahili, Indonesian and Russian. Any further translations can be made possible by the development team.

Is the data private and protected?

Security is a top concern, especially when dealing with patient-level information. As such, considerable effort has been made to ensure the data is handled with the utmost care in accordance with the Patient Charter. There are several discreet sections to the system:

GeneXpert-to-GxAlert: Protecting data in transit

  • Telco’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), coded into the SIM card itself. Uses world-class authentication, encryption algorithms, hash algorithms, and key exchange.
  • Telco’s private Access Point Network (APN) to prevent unauthorized interaction with non-HMIS servers and systems.
  • Hamachi VPN. Secures the data from the PC level through to GxAlert system. This is mostly redundant with the telco VPN but wraps the entire PC/laptop in VPN; in the event a user swaps out the secure telco modem for another modem, communications will still remain encrypted in transit, thanks to Hamachi.

Physical Security

  • The data center is housed in a nondescript facility.
  • Physical access is strictly controlled both at the perimeter and at building ingress points by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means.
  • Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication a minimum of two times to access data center floors.
  • All visitors and contractors are required to present identification and are signed in and continually escorted by authorized staff.
  • Access to the data center is only provided to employees and contractors who have a legitimate business need for such privileges. When an employee no longer has a business need for these privileges, his or her access is immediately revoked, even when they continue to be an employee.
  • All physical access to data centers is logged and audited routinely.

Data Privacy

  • Data within the environment is encrypted. Appropriate backup and recovery procedures are in place.

Aspect-to-SMS and email messaging

  • Alerts sent over SMS, voice or email do not contain “Patient ID”, the only personally-identifiable information (PII) data element in the device test results. Alerts focus instead on what actions the recipient can take. This emphasis both supports security best practices and puts the emphasis on responding to new MDR suspected cases.

Aspect-to-open MRS (or another M&E system)

  • Industry-standard SSL and encryption technology prevent data from being intercepted in transit.

About SystemOne's Standard Data Use Agreement

  • SystemOne's Data Use Agreement (DuA) is based on the General Data Protection Regulation framework currently implemented in the European Union. While many territories in which SystemOne operates do not have data privacy policies or regulations, SystemOne is committed to following international best practices. SystemOne constructed its DuA in anticipation of countries enacting their own derivatives of the GDPR or similar policy frameworks. Our standard Data Use Agreement is available on request.  
  • SystemOne is currently undergoing ISO 27001 certification for its software development process.

*GxAlert is not associated with Cepheid nor Cepheid instrument systems, including GeneXpert® instruments.