About SystemOne


Our Story

SystemOne was founded in 2012 by a team with wide-ranging backgrounds and a common focus: to leverage internet-enabled devices to create rapid and far-reaching change. Our team recognized the proliferation of signals that, if skillfully harnessed, could change human behavior and dramatically improve conditions in numerous industries and geographies.

Identifying disease in the developing world as a critical area where improvements could have global health and economic impact, we designed solutions around a new generation of medical devices, producing data (or, in our parlance, signals) that had yet to be translated into actionable and measurable solutions

Core Values

  • Do good and create lasting value
  • Make the journey matter
  • Be worthy of respect
  • Be pragmatic and keep it simple

Note: SystemOne follows the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. You can learn more about ACM and its groundbreaking work in ethics here.

What We've Achieved

  • Improved healthcare in many developing countries through national-scale rollouts of connectivity for medical diagnostic devices.
  • Helped medical device makers "turn the lights on" to their fleets of devices, understanding functionality, usage, performance, consumption and more.
  • Helped countries monitor and respond to disease outbreaks through real-time alerts from their medical diagnostic devices.
  • Helped manage fleets of devices, allowing in-country administrators to understand warranties, errors (human and machine), laboratory conditions and more.
  • Helped save millions of dollars managing supply chain and ensuring the deployment of critical resources before they expired.